How to Prepare for IIT-JEE Exams, Exam Preparation Top 10 Tips for IIT-JEE

top-10-tipsIIT-JEE stands for The Indian Institute of Technology, Joint Entrance Examination. Presently there are fifteen IITs located in different states and the IIT-JEE is held for all Indian and foreign nationals seeking admission to the undergraduate programs in these institutions. The IIT-JEE is the most famous and acclaimed of all the engineering and technology institute entrances.

Exam Preparation Tips for IIT-JEE

Tip #1

Since the IIT-JEE entrance is so hyped all around, the students appearing for it should be first of all mentally prepared and confident. No doubt the entrance is not easy to crack but not at all impossible.

Tip #2

Continuous effort is needed for a good preparation. All the three subjects; Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics should be given equal time. Instead of doing just one subject for some days, little portions should be done from all the three each day. This will help you retain more and will avoid monotony.

Tip #3

In order to get a good rank you need to be very clear with your concepts and so proper guidance is very important. You need to be explained well and your doubts should be answered by someone who is clear with all the concepts.

Tip #4

While you continue with the self study, don’t forget to prepare handy notes side by side. This will help you clear your concepts and memorize faster.

Tip #5

Once you are done with various topics in a subject make sure you revise them again and again so that before you go further, the topics you’ve already done are well set and memorized in your mind.

Tip #6

Keep evaluating yourself time to time by appearing for mock tests. This will help you realize your weak points and then you can work on them and improve.

Tip #7

The students should not take any new topic or concept in the last few days. If there’s something they have not done before, it won’t be a good idea to start a new thing rather the other already done topics should be revised well. If you happen to take up a new topic it is likely to create stress and confusion thereby disturbing the whole preparation.

Tip #8

Do not forget to practice the last five years’ question papers. This will give you an idea of how the paper will be and tell you where you stand.

Tip #9

One must remember that IIT-JEE test the mental ability and knowledge of the candidate and not the handwriting. So while you are attempting the question paper, concentrate well and keep a check on your speed.

Tip #10

Finally, one must be ready to take it at its face value without the stress levels rising. Stress may spoil all your hard work. So believe in yourself and your efforts and just go for it.


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