What is the Importance of Education in Our Life

StudentZone-NexusIf you want to know the importance of education in your life, it means, you have started learning in reality. Because only those who are learning very seriously, can ask question ” What is the importance of education in our life?” Otherwise, all are interested not to know the importance of education in our life, but they are interested to get degree of MBA, CA and other higher degree in USA, Canada and UK for getting professional seat in corporate sector. If I express my view, all these guys are not students because their aims are not to get education, so no need to tell them the importance of education in the life. But, I hope, you are not in that guys. You are real students who are interested in education. You are interested to know something new like good students. So, I telling the importance of education only for you.

# Education Opens your Eyes

In our life, we (include me)  all are sleeping and dreaming, we know nothing about real world because due to deep sleeping, we have closed our eyes to see the world and enjoy this world. Education opens our eyes. We leave our dullness and get wise. So come and learn education.

# Education Teaches Ideal Behavior

Education is important for our life because with this we learn ideal behavior. We know that if we give respect, we get respect in response. Our behavior becomes unique for everybody. In our behavior, education brings sweetness. So come and learn education.

# Education learns to fight with yourself

Education learns to fight with yourself. It is very easy to challenge other and to defeat other but it is very difficult to fight with yourself or with your mind. I can give you simple example. Suppose, you are eating non-vegetarian food. The science of Health education learns you not to eat it, it is very harmful to you because its fat can be digested by your machine. After this, you are habitual to eat it, then you have to fight with your mind and then change your habit. All things can be possible, if you faith in education. Good education makes man perfect. So come and learn education for excel yourself.

# Education Creates Journey of Enjoy

Swami Vivekananda was teaching in the last moment of his life at the age of 39. He had known the real importance of education for his life. Every movement of Swami Vivekananda became full of enjoy, because education itself created the environment of enjoy for him. Like Swami Vivekananda, we should also get real education for life. So come and learn education for enjoying your full life.


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