How to help your child stay motivated

Parents play crucial role in motivating their children for better preparation for IIT JEE Entrance Examination. Parents’ supportive nature helps the child to stay motivated. These days competition in the examination has become very tough so parents are the only support for the children to decrease pressure of preparation and understand their travails in the path of better study. It does not matter that how better IITJEE coaching your child is studying but it always matters that how you support your children. According to the experts parents can play very crucial role in making their child successful. Here experts are advising parents that how they can help their children.

Every Child is different – Every child is unique and different that’s why the parents should never compare their children to others. For an example if your child is studying best IIT JEE Coaching and in test examination, he/she brings lower marks, you must not pressurize him but you should discuss with him about the problems. In this way child will tell you every genuine problems and then you can work over those.

Be Supportive – Many good and bad situations come in the path of preparation when your child is stressed, extremely anxious and excessive burdened. These are the situations when you should be there for your child to give emotional and mental support. In any type of preparation emotional intelligence plays greater role than normal intelligence.

Never impose your expectation on children – every parents has own expectation from child but you should never impose all these expectation on your child because it creates overburden on your child and make them excessive anxious. IIT Coaching, in which your child is studying, has better experienced professionals than you; they will properly guide your child to get succeed in the path of preparation. You need to assure your child that whatever he is doing is right regarding study. But you should be strict when you see some bad behaviors from your child towards course, syllabus, study and other students.

Make positive environment in home – when your child is studying you must not do some such type of activities which can link problems and disturb his concentration. In house you should give such type of place for study which gets brighter light, fresh air and enough space.

There are many more other ways; you can help you children for better preparation. Except IIT Coaching home is the only place where students can study free of mind.


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