Which one is better profession, Medical or Engineering?

Medical and Engineering profession, these two professions have become most demanding and the students are also having the dream of being engineer and doctor. Both professions are having great career and earning in future because people cannot guess the earning of medical and engineer professionals. These two play most important role in the well being and development of any country. But the main thing is that the students feel themselves in trouble at the time of choosing their career. The first thing is that they should check themselves that in which subject they are good. If they are good in Biology, they should choose medical profession but if they are good in Mathematics they should choose engineering profession. Because entire medical education is based on Biology and engineering is based on mathematics. The main milestone in front of the children is entrance examinations which are held by medical and engineering universities and central educational board. These entrance examinations are so tough that the students have to take help from any best engineering or Medical Coaching.

Various types of entrance examinations are held in India like AIPMT, IIT, IIT JEE, BHU PMT and many more. This is the first step for any student to qualify one of these entrance examinations if they want to make their career in medical or engineering profession. These examinations are tougher than any other entrance examinations in India. To qualify these examinations students need to prepare them on high level so that they can answer any of difficult questions. The students should take advice from experts from Engineering Coaching and they should also get tips and tricks from best experienced professionals. Talking about the better profession among these two, all people have their own thinking and advice.

This is very critical situation to choose one among Engineering and medical Profession. Some people think with earning point of view and some think according to social work. In earning point of view this is tougher to choose one in medical vs engineering. According to earning, both professions are better because if a student has passed out from IIT will get healthy amount and if a doctor is running its own private hospital will get more amount. But if talking about social work an engineer does development and makes the life of people easier and a doctor helps people in living healthy & disease free life. If the student is interested in particular subject does not need any advice, he/she will choose profession according to interest and choice.

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