Developmental stages of education in India

education in IndiaThe need of educated India was felt long back, and with the changes in the global development, the culture of education has been promoted in the country. To combat the problems of the poverty and unemployment, education is considered as the most powerful tool. Educated citizens can lead to a bright future of the country. Therefore, from the very beginning, the government of India has been giving emphasis on school and college education. The initial five year plans for the country’s development, were also inclined towards the development of education sector in the country. With the passage of time, India has achieved a status of a renowned education land, with the opening up of few of the most preferred instituted and colleges in India.

The schools and colleges in India, has been growing since independence, in terms of its quality and standards of education, imparted to the students of the country. These educational institutions are aimed to provide the best of the education and training to its students, so that they can further add to the growth of the country. The commencement of world class standards to education culture has made the schools and college gain more importance in the global scenario. Also, many foreign colleges and universities have got opened in India, which further adds to the interest of students in different fields of education. The matching of the colleges of India, to the foreign standards is yet another developmental stage, which has been achieved by the educational sector of the country.

All the developments in the schools and the colleges of India, or other departments in the whole education sector of the country, is important to make the students achieve the global standards in terms of education,. This is further to enable the students of the Indian schools and colleges to compete in the global market. The rise and growth in the educational methods in India, is important, so that to train the students of the country in accordance to the global standards. The department of education of any country is the base for its overall development, due to which time to time updation of the syllabus and teaching methodologies is required. The techniques used for teaching, also needs to be changed with time. This is to sustain the interest of the students in education.

The different methodologies, for teaching, enable the students of the schools and colleges to adapt the changes in the outer world. The modern concepts and the developments are very easily adopted by them and show a well related bond with the upcoming changes in the different sectors of the society. It is always suggested, that the base of a student should be strong. The school and college education of students are advised to be of the top quality, so that in future they give the best of the results in terms of production to different companies and finally to the country.

Indian colleges have set benchmark in the pace of development. The growth graphs for the Indian educational institutions have been immensely high and positive. In such a short span of time, the country has achieved a lot and the colleges of India are considered among the top most colleges all across the globe. A number of enrolments of foreign students can be seen in the Indian colleges, which is a proof for the stature of the Indian colleges in the global market. Though, there is lot much left to achieve, but whatever has been achieved so far is surely a great accomplishment for the country. More developments and achievements are yet to be made in the education sector to add to the country’s growth.


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